Wednesday, May 22

Galaxy Twist Bleach Tie Dye Shirt

A couple weeks ago, iLoveToCreate designer Lauri Eaton came walking through the design studio and said, "Check out the shirt I just made!" We immediately dropped our jaws and awed at her cool galaxy creation.  She had been seeing a lot of cool galaxy art shirts and shoes online and was inspired to add in some fun tie dye scrunch and spray effects!  Today we share this super cool galaxy technique with you to try at home.  It's really OUT OF THIS WORLD! Lol.
What you need:
– Bleach
 – Spray bottle
– Sink
– Washer/dryer
– Scissors
– Dark colored t-shirt (black, brown, or navy)

Before you begin: Wash and dry shirt to remove fabric sizing. Note: Washing out the sizing will better allow the bleach to penetrate shirt fabric for a more intense design.

Cut a piece of your surface cover and fit it inside your shirt so that the bleach won't seep to the back (since it is plastic, it will easily twist with the fabric). Cover work surface with remaining portion of surface cover and lay shirt with plastic inside of surface cover.

 Pinch shirt front between thumb and forefinger and twist until entire shirt is in a spiral.
Mix a 50/50 solution of bleach and water in spray bottle. Lightly spray spiraled shirt with bleach solution.
Allow bleach to remain on shirt until desired lightness is achieved. Spray again if desired for more effect. To speed up the process, use a hair dryer to blast hot air onto the bleach.
Bleaching is so cool!
Here's what it looked like when we opened up the shirt.
Wash out the shirt thoroughly until all the bleach is rinsed out. You can also throw the shirt into the washer and run through one complete wash cycle.  Leave shirt damp for the next step.
Now mix desired spray dye colors with water and spray the colors onto your bleached design as desired. Place plastic over the shirt and allow to set for 6-8 hours or overnight.
Once finished setting, individually wash and dry shirt according to dye packaging instructions.

Lay shirt out flat on covered work surface and spray lightly with Snow Fabric Spray  paint to create "stars".  Let dry completely before wearing and wait 72 hours before washing again.

Here's a video showing the entire process!

Don't you just love how it turned out?  It's so funky!
Here's a colorful detail!
Here's another shirt we made using a black shirt instead of a navy one! What a cool way to add a colorful nebula look to your galaxy shirt using the dye!


Ginny said...

My teenager is into the galaxy thing, she will love this. She was actually just talking about tye dying a shirt this way a few days ago. Funny how I came across it today in my reader. Thanks for the easy instructions, I originally told her no, lol.

Erin Little said...

OMG!!! LOVE this seriousLy!!! im just hesitant bc i aLways seem to mess um up & not in a good way Lol

Zoe said...

I love galaxy print but don't own anything with it. This would look cool on a black or navy dress :)

Anonymous said...

Always looking for new ways to fundraise for relay for life.....these shirts would be awesome!

Sophie said...

OH MY GOOOOOOOD this is so .... colorful! i guess this will be my next project!

Michele Blueyze Ritcher said...

this is a great idea for any age. I have been doing alot of projects off these sites. I think they are great! Gonna do this one too with the kids . they love it!!

rjteague said...

It might be helpful to others to know what I found out the hard way that at the least the Tulip Neon paints only last 45 minutes after mixing. I was making only one shirt, but put water all seven bottles and shook them up merrily. Then I found out that the intensity of the color begins to fade after 45 minutes.

You cannot find out about this time limit on the back of the box, only inside on the (very brief) instructional brochure.

Yxl Ian said...

wow.good job, I also like the bleach t shirt.

ilovetocreate said...

ARe you referring to the neon tie dyes or neon fabric spray paints?

raj patil said...

very nice blog.... i like the post. thanks for sharing such a creative ideas...t shirts online

thisbassistrocks said...

I had nothing but issues with this project! I followed the directions exactly and it just didn't work out. First of all the spray dye bottles all broke, not a single one worked well and by the end none were working at all. Talk about a waste of money seeing i was hoping to reuse them. Then when i followed the instructions and washed out the dye i noticed that all but two of my shirts have holes in them. The bleach ate it's way through and ruined them all. So i started with 8 shirts and I'm left with... two that i can even go on to the final step with!

Anonymous said...

trick is watered down bleach and buy generic spray bottles from the dollar store and test them first to get the desired effect

1Toffeey said...

Great Shirt. A couple tips I learned back in the 60's 70's when we created clothes like this is YES the Bleach has to be diluted, 50/50 works very well. However, the fabric content makes a big difference too. 100% Cotton will accept the bleaching fast, and DO NOT let it set too long before you rinse and hand wash with soap or Dish Detergent to STOP the action of the Bleaching. You do need to use the Soap or Detergent. I have Diluted Acrylic Paints such as Duncan Fabric Paints in spray bottles etc and Spritzed many colors onto T-Shirts. Works great for a Stained Shirt to Hide the permanent stain. Dilution will cause the paints to be much lighter, and the paint has to be diluted enough to not clog the sprayer nozzle. Play with it....Another tip is to cut a good sized piece of cardboard to fit inside the shirt or pants. Cover that cardboard with several layers of plain old newspaper. This is a great way to absorb any extra liquid and replace the newspapers as needed. Covering the cardboard with wax paper or the like...only creates a problem if the liquid soaks thru and runs off the wax paper....Project ruined. I know, been there, done that. Hope this helps someone avoid any problems. I learned the hard way. Oh and if you don't have a protected area to work outside...create a well protected and covered area inside. Getting over sprayed paint colors out of a Parquet Wood Dining Table...was not a fun clean-up.

Pratiksha Jadhav said...

I enjoyed this post a lot. This is great Galaxy Twist Bleach Tie Dye Shirt.Just love the galaxy print.Get the organic cotton t shirts that looks absolutely stunning & matches your personality, style & yet affordable.

Anonymous said...

My daughters and I made these yesterday. Super-easy and lots of fun! The shirts came out great!!!

grady williams said...

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deny lost said...

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Unique said...

Its very nice loved it

Steffie said...

This is such a great idea - so cool! I'm loving it! Will try it as soon as possible!

Thanks for inspiration.

Steffie from CreaSTYLity said...

I'm going to try this one! Hopefully in time for my astronomy club meeting or star party! I'll use white glow in the dark fabric paint for the stars and use the old toothbrush and popsicle stick trick to get the splatters. Done that before with different projects, and comes out great.

Anonymous said...

Would there be a difference in the finished design if using fabric spray paints vs spray dye for the main pattern?

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